What is a volunteer?

A County volunteer is an individual who: (a) performs voluntary service in a County department for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons and without promise or expectation or receipt of compensation for services rendered; (b) offers such voluntary service freely and without pressure or coercion, direct or implied, from the County; and (c) is not otherwise employed by the County to perform the "same type of services" as those for which the individual proposes to volunteer.

Through the leadership of the Board of Supervisors and support from department administrators, the County volunteer program has come to play a vital role in the enrichment of public services. The program promotes volunteerism as an opportunity to improve program efficiency, enhance productivity, and engage community involvement.

The Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner is mandated by law to inquire into and determine the circumstances, manner, and cause of all violent, sudden, or unusual deaths occurring within Los Angeles County.  Volunteers enhance and supplement the service delivery but do not substitute for nor displace regular staff or their responsibilities.

Although the volunteer position does not lead to permanent employment, the position offers participants an excellent experience in working within the largest county coroner’s office. It also provides an opportunity to explore career options, gain knowledge and skills that complement their academic studies, build resumes and network with professionals in the death investigation environment.

Adult Volunteer

Age definition for an adult volunteer is 18 years of age with no maximum age limit.

Youth Volunteer

Individuals between the ages of 14 and 17 may serve as County volunteers. Written consent by a parent or legal guardian is required for such youth volunteers. Based on the volunteer position and/or responsibilities, departments may raise the minimum age requirement as they deem appropriate. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the service area where autopsies are performed.

How do I become a volunteer for the Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner?

Thank you for your interest in the volunteer opportunity with the Department of Medical Examiner–Coroner. Participants who want to become a volunteer for the Department can see available opportunities below. Please visit our website often to check if any new volunteer opportunities open up. For any questions, you may e-mail the volunteer coordinator.