2018 Skeletal Recovery Workshop

2018 Skeletal Recovery Workshop 736 492 Medical Examiner-Coroner

2018 Skeletal Recovery Workshop

Presented by:

Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner


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Course Objective:

The Skeletal Recovery Workshop is a 40-hour course including detailed lectures and hands-on field exercises. Students will perform a full mock grave excavation. This workshop is designed to teach students how to search for clandestine graves and scattered remains, perform grave excavations, collect evidence, and much more! The workshop caters to students from all levels of experience, such as coroner investigators, detectives, criminalists, crime scene investigators, etc. Other topics include forensic entomology, human decomposition, mass fatalities, coroner-related law, prosecution of cases involving recovered remains, bones used in rituals, and human remains detection canines.

Brian Kim, MPA, D-ABMDI

Nani Cholakians, D-ABMDI

Email: skeletalrecovery@coroner.lacounty.gov